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Refund policy

If you are not satisfied with an order, the size is not correct or any other reason, you can return the items within 14 days of the order’s delivery date.

To request a return you simply have to send an e-mail to, writing your order number on the subject or you can request it through this page. You will receive an anwer to your return request within 48 hours. It is mandatory to use the return label provided by Transit in the return confirmation email. Do not proceed to send back the items without authorization.

After receiving the return confirmation email, you will need to ship the items to Transit within 14 days. The return shipping costs will be at your expense and will be deducted at the time of the refund. You can find the return shipping costs on the table below.

Returns can be accepted if the items have the following conditions:

  • the price tag and barcode must be intact and attached to the returned items;
  • items must be returned with all original tags, packaging and other accessories (dustbags, hangers, garment covers etc.) received with the order;
  • items must not have been washed or altered and must not show any signs of use;
  • returns must be packaged in the same box used for initial shipment;
  • authorized returns must be shipped from the same country of the original shipment.

Transit reserves the right not to accept returns not authorized or shipped using procedures other than those contained in the return instructions. In such cases the items will be returned to you. Any acceptance of such returns involves a charge equal to 10% of the value of the returned goods in addition to the return shipping costs.

After verifying the returned products, we will refund within 14 days in the same currency of the original purchase, net of shipping costs and any customs duty paid for importation. Any differences due to exchange rate fluctuations will not be returned.

For orders paid by credit card, the amount will be available according to the timing of the chosen banking circuit; for orders paid with Paypal and Shopify payments the price will be returned to the original account. For orders paid by bank transfer, the refund will be made on the same bank account used for the order payment.


Andorra 19,00 €
Austria 12,00 €
Belgium 12,00 €
Bulgaria 28,00 €
Canada 24,00 €
Croatia 12,00 €
Cyprus 31,00 €
14,00 €
Denmark 12,00 €
Emirates 31,00 €
Estonia 28,00 €
Finland 12,00 €
France 11,00 €
Germany 11,00 €
Gibilterra 28,00 €
Greece 14,00 €
Guernsey 21,00 €
Hungary 14,00 €
Ireland 12,00 €
of Man
19,00 €
Israel 31,00 €
Italy 8,00 €
Jersey 21,00 €
Latvia 28,00 €
Lebanon 31,00 €
Liechtenstein 21,00 €
Lithuania 28,00 €
Luxembourg 12,00 €
Malta 31,00 €
Monaco 12,00 €
Netherlands 12,00 €
Norway 21,00 €
Poland 14,00 €
Portugal 12,00 €
Reunion 31,00 €
Romania 28,00 €
8,00 €
Slovakia 14,00 €
Slovenia 12,00 €
Spain 12,00 €
Sweden 12,00 €
Switzerland 21,00 €
Turkey 31,00 €
19,00 €
24,00 €

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