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As our customers are well aware, Transit is not just a clothing line or a fashion house, but a lifestyle that seeks authenticity, belonging and well-being which is also expressed through a heartfelt relationship between man and nature.

Having this in mind, along with the same passion and curiosity with which we face any new challenge, we gave birth to our most cherished project: TRANSIT FARM - The Winery, a wine farm situated in Fara Vicentino, on the Breganze D.O.C.’s hills, a landscape of rare beauty.

The same values that have always guided us also drive us in this project: we believe in the quest for excellence, in the attention for details, in the persistent experimentation of new techniques, as well as in the respect for the territory and the nature.  

Our goal is to produce high-quality, elegant wines with a strong identity, capable of conveying emotions.

The morphology of the territory, the volcanic soil, the altitude of 200 m above the sea level and the perfect sunlight exposure of our vineyards form the birthplace of our wines, thus combining the lands minerality and the intense and typical scents of this special terroir. We do not use insecticides, anti-botrytis, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Treatments in our vineyards are minimized: We carefully control weather conditions and our plants health constantly. We only produce organic and certified wines using environmentally friendly resources and a human work in synergy with nature.

Wine is not only a product of the earth but also the history of those who produce it. In our winery every day is told about vineyards, wines, people and passions.

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